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Roller Ride Sit n Ride Roller Coaster

Price: From £35
Available Overnight for an extra £25

Toddler Roller Ride 10ft long toddler sit and ride, up and down roller coaster. Free wheeling fun ride makes this a great attraction at any event. Suitable for toddlers only 2 - 5 years children only with maximum weight limit car can hold 50 lbs (22.7kg).

Adult supervision is required at all times.

The roller ride helps develop balance, coordination and motor skills. This up and down roller coaster gives toddlers and preschoolers a
thrill. Car includes a high back, handrail and foot rests for a secure ride. Two non-slip steps will help the toddler to get into their coaster car. Recessed retainer wheel holds the car until your child is ready to roll down the roller track.

Fantastic fun for all toddler parties, play and nursery groups!

This item can be hired single of within a package deal.

These items are suitable for INDOOR USE on hard flat surfaces and outdoors on flat clean artificial grass/smooth hard surfaces. Items can be used/hired for indoor venues/function rooms/halls/homes/houses.

Adult supervision is required at all times.

CLEAN EQUIPMENT: We often get asked, is the toddler equipment clean? At First Class Leisure we pride ourselves in providing clean equipment, this is very important to us, so on every delivery, all items are cleaned by our staff, so all ready to use for your event.

Equipment Size:1.2ft10.3ft2.5ft
Suitable For Children
Not Suitable For Adults

Suitable For

Indoors on Artificial Grass
Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Grass & Dirt
Outdoors on Hard Surface