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For Children's Parties we have a wide selection of helium balloons available for any event and for all occasions. We can cater for small parties to the larger parties, at home venues or at functions rooms, we can deliver the balloons direct to your venue or you can collect balloons direct from us.
Single helium freestanding latex balloon, attached to long ribbon and weight
These are great because the balloons will not float away and can be given to each child after the event to take home. The children are amazed with the bright colours, you can choose from farm animal printed balloons or other themed balloons are available or just bright coloured plain balloons look really nice, we have a wide selection of colours available, see our colour chart page.

Single helium freestanding foil balloon, attached to long ribbon and weight
Available as above, but foil balloons will last longer than normal latex balloons, foil balloons are available in plain 18" round or plain 18" star shapes, in bright metallic colours or we have a wide selection of themed 18" foil balloons available, in all your favourite children themes.