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Frequently Asked Questions - First Class Leisure Event & Party Hire
Information Page - How To Hire - Safety Points - Important Information

Why Choose First Class Leisure?
We have little ones of our own and appreciate how important celebrations and children’s parties are. We are a full time hire company, trading since 1999, so have many years experience in the leisure and event hire trade. Over the years we have built a strong reputation for reliability, always offering a good customer service and always happy to give advice when you are organising your event. Based in the West Midlands area we have easy access to the M6 motorway routes, so ideally situated to cover most areas.

How to book?
Book Online and get the best prices or email us using our quick enquiry form We run an out of hours answer phone messaging service and return all messages.

Do we have to pay a deposit (booking fee)?
Yes, a booking fee is required on all bookings to secure the equipment and date required. We will check all details before we request a booking fee. See our booking fee page for more details All booking fees are non refundable.

How much does it cost to hire?
Just use our website to get prices, click on the product item, enter your date and post code, on the booking form page answer the questions regarding all your event and you will be given a price to book.

Whats Included in the price?
Our booking fee includes the asset product item(s) requested, bouncy castles hire includes one electric blower fan, safety mats and up to 25m commercial cable. The equipment will be completely set-up by First Class Leisure trained staff, with equipment fully secured and safe for use and after the event all equipment will be collected and dismantled at the agreed collection time.

What happens if you need to cancel?
You can also cancel your booking within our 'cooling off period' but the cancellation needs to be done quickly or within the 48 hours of making a booking and then there is no charge. You can cancel your booking at anytime, but you will lose your booking fee. Once you have received our booking confirmation our cancellation terms will apply and extra charges may be payable depending on the time scale of the cancellation request.

How long is the hire?
The hire period is around 6-8 hours. Day hire is delivery and collection the same day or overnight hire is available on certain items at additional costs.

Do we offer overnight hire?
Yes, we do offer overnight hire on certain items and additional costs will apply per item, you must ensure the equipment is protected against theft on your premises. The venue must be a fully fenced and secure private back garden. All items are hired and left at your own risk, so we recommend you check your home Insurance to see if our equipment is covered on your policy or contact us to check the value of items hired, for Insurance purposes, you signing for the equipment on delivery confirms you accept for liability for any theft. We charge an overnight refundable cash deposit on all overnight hire, this money is refunded back the next day, when the Inflatable/equipment is returned back clean and fully Inflated on our arrival. The overnight deposit will not be refunded back if the Inflatables/equipment are dirty or not Inflated as agreed.

Is there a minimum order charge?
Our minimum order for our delivery and collection is £50 asset/product items per order, plus delivery and any other additional costs.

When do we pay the balance?
If you are paying in cash this can be done on delivery. We have a number of payment options, cash, bank transfer (BACS), debit card, credit card (card fees will apply), cheques are only acceptable for organised events , councils and schools. Once you have made a booking we will send you an email with all our payment options available.

What power access do we need to provide?

You will need to provide access to 240v mains power supply or for events with no power then generators will need to be hired or provided. The hirer is responsible for re-filling generators and fuel.

Do we give you safety instruction?

Yes, when we set-up we will give you detailed safety instructions before leaving and also tell you the do’s and don’ts. We are also available at any point during the hire on 07779484151

What is the age limit for children using the bouncy castle?

Our age limit is 12 years of age for children or up to 1.5m tall. You should not exceed the recommended suggestions and adult bouncy castles must be hired for anyone over these limits. Adults are not permitted to use any equipment that is not listed as being suitable for adult use.

Need Help Organising Your Event?
If you are unsure what equipment would best suit your event, then let First Class Leisure help you, just email your event details to us and we will be more than happy to give advice and do everything possible to meet your needs and supply equipment within your budget. Use our Health & Safety and Risk Assessment pages to help plan a safe and fun event. How long does it take to set-up equipment?

How can we find out if an item is available?
Use the website to check availability, if the item comes up available, then you can book it, our website is a live 24/7 system so things do change very quickly. We cannot reserve items immediately over the phone because of the live system changing constantly.

Inflatables can take anything from 15 to 30 minutes to set up and around 15-20 minutes to pack away.
Marquee's can take anything from 1-2 hours for a basic Marquee or 2-3 hours for the full package.
Skittle Alleys can take around 10-15 mins to set-up and dismantle in around 10 minutes.
Soft Play Full Package takes around 30-45 minutes to set-up.

These are just a few example set-up times, however if you would like to know about a particular item, please contact us. These times are estimate only and times may vary depending on which item(s) are hired, the type of venue, any access restrictions, parking restrictions, steps and sometimes the weather.

How much space do I need for an Inflatable or Bouncy Castle?
The dimensions of each item are shown on the item description, you (the hirer) must check the area space available LxW. We recommend you allow an extra 6ft on the length and 2ft at the sides on the measurements stated on our website product descriptions.

Where do we set-up Inflatables and other Equipment?
We only set-up equipment in secure, fully fenced private back gardens/venues/function rooms, unless the event is an organized street party, community event, corporate, schools, fun day, church, council run and supervised events, then equipment can be set-up in fields, parks etc, however, the hirer will need to gain written permission from your local council for any street party events or for any event on council grounds/property etc.

Wind Speeds - Are Bouncy Castles safe to use in winds?
Bouncy Castles must not be used if winds or gusts ​are in excess of the maximum safe wind speed, our Industry recommends a maximum wind speed of Force 5 on the Beaufort scale (19 – 24mph). First Class Leisure will not put any Bouncy Castle out in gusts or winds and always take safety as top priority.

Does the hirer set-up the equipment?
No, First Class Leisure will set-up ALL equipment, at all events and functions and also show you how to use the equipment safely. We will also come and dismantle all equipment at the agreed collection time, so all you need to do is have fun.

Do we set-up equipment and Inflatables on front gardens and other communal areas?
No Sorry, due to safety reasons we do not set-up on front gardens, we have found over the years equipment set-up on front gardens only attracts interest from other people and we have experienced damaged equipment from idiots passing by in the past. Sorry but we do not set-up any equipment on communal gardens.

Do we set-up Inflatables on hard standing floor surfaces/concrete?
Yes we do set-up equipment on hard standing floor/concrete surfaces, however we do prefer grass for first choice and also Indoor venues are ideal. For hardstanding and concrete surfaces outside the venue area must be enclosed and protected by surrounding buildings, if the area is too open and subject to winds then we would be unable to set-up or we may refuse delivery due to safety reasons.

There are strict new regulations now for setting up/using inflatables on hard surface outdoor floor areas, unfortunately not all companies abide by these important safety rules, but First Class Leisure do.

Heavy weights can be used to secure some equipment, however this will depend on the type and quantity of equipment required, please contact us to discuss. The hirer will also be required to provide heavy weights i.e: 165kg per each anchor point, as stated on the booking confirmation. We will only consider bookings on hard standing if we can fix the unit on 3 corners, i.e. to a fence or rails etc, plus the correct anchor point weight or concrete pegs are available for us to use. Safety is our top priority.

Can we turn off/deflate an Inflatable once delivered/set-up?
Yes, our bouncy castles/Inflatables are powered using 240v electric blower fans. We supply extension cables approx 25mtr long and power breakers, to be plugged into a suitable electric socket from a garage, outer building, shed, house or other. To turn off/deflate the Inflatable, make sure no one is on the equipment, unplug the fan or switch off the electric power and the Inflatable will slowly collapse down/deflate, make sure no one jumps on the Inflatable at this point because it will no longer be bouncy and you will hit the floor hard.

Can bouncy castles and equipment go Indoors?

Yes, most of our bouncy castles and equipment is suitable for Indoor use, you will need to check the height of the ceiling inside the venue and measure from the lowest point, taking into account any over hanging lights or beams. If you speak to the caretaker of the venue and they should be able to give the height of the function room. You will need to allow 2ft height clearance for our Inflatables.

Some venues will not accept Inflatables, what shall we do?

First ask the reason why? they need to give you a valid reason or explanation. They may have used a company before who has not respected their function room, so they just think all companies operate the same, but this is so untrue, not all bouncy companies are the same. If you get the venue contact telephone number, we will contact the venue for you and explain how we operate, how we set-up equipment correctly and how we are fully Insured, sometimes this works and they just need reassurance.

Why do other companies offer cheaper prices?

This may be because they are new to the Industry and a cheap price is not always the better service. We also find some companies do not use the correct amount of safety mats, especially on hard standing floor surfaces.

What kind of access do we need for delivery?

We use sack trucks to deliver Inflatables/equipment into venues and gardens etc, so we just need a normal doorway or path entrance, with no obstacles in our way. We ask you to move wheelie bins and rubbish before we arrive and clear the set-up area of garden toys, trampolines etc. We ask you to inform us of any particularly difficulties regarding delivery and collection when booking with us i.e: parking, parking restrictions, long distance to carry equipment, steps etc and any other possible obstructions.

How do we secure Inflatable's for outdoor use?

If set-up on grass we use large metal stakes to secure the Inflatable and if set-up on all hard surface floors rules strict rules apply and heavy weights/sandbags/fixed anchor points are required

What kind of set-up area do we need?

The set-up area must be flat with no slopes or raised areas, slight gradients may sometimes be acceptable, if you are unsure just email or whats app a picture to 07779484151 of the set-up area, so we can confirm if the area is suitable. If your garden set-up area is grass both sides with pathway down the middle we can setup your Inflatable/equipment over a path way as long as the path is not raised.

What happens if it’s raining or bad weather on the day of the booking?

If the weather is bad/raining/strong winds then we will call you to discuss options available. The hirer must check the weather (using the weather options on our website and other sources) and you must have a contingency back up plan incase of bad weather on the event day or you always have the option to book an Indoor venue before the event day. Due to the nature of our business we are unable to reserve any equipment pending the weather.

How much notice do we need to book equipment?

You can check our equipment stock and date availability 24/7 using our LIVE system 'CHECK AVAILABILITY OPTION’ shown on all our website products, we do get very busy, especially in the main periods April-September and winder periods can also be busy with Indoor events.

Do we offer late notice or short notice bookings?

Maybe!, we will always do our best to accommodate you and even help if another company lets you down, which can often be the case with these companies offering very cheap hire charges, operating from the back of cars or just part time run. Late/short notice hire charges/bookings will be more than the website prices listed and to cover any additional costs to us i.e. collecting additional stock from our unit, the price will depend on what items you require and when for POA. Please note: We cannot always guarantee we will be able to offer the exact delivery and collection times you require, because we have to consider other bookings already in place and then try to slot you into any time slots still available.

First Class Leisure will not let any customer down, we are a full time company and operate in the true professional manner.

Do we offer rain covers on our Inflatables?

Yes, but these are called shower covers. Most of our Inflatable's have built in shower covers (see Item product descriptions), shower covers will only hold off light rain. We always recommend you have a contingency back up plan in case of bad weather on the event day, i.e: indoor function room or church hall plan etc or we may be able to change the equipment ordered to a more weather suited item (pending availability) extra charge may apply. Please remember bad weather is no fault of First Class Leisure and we cannot be held responsible for the cancellation of your event due to adverse weather conditions.

Will the equipment/Inflatable(s) damage my lawn or grass area?

We always put a ground sheet down first to protect lawns/grass areas/our equipment, the bouncy castle is then Inflated on top of the ground sheet. Metal stakes are then knocked into the lawn/grass to secure the Inflatable anchor points, the holes left should disappear within a few days and we are not liable for any holes/damaged grass. Important: The hirer must advise of any underwater pipes at the time of booking and we are not liable for any damage to lawns/grass/pipes whilst at the event. No equipment will be left without being fully secured and set-up safe.

Why do we ask so many questions?
We will always discuss your event details and ask questions with you at the time of any enquiry, we are a professional company with many years experience and we do like to ask questions regarding your event, this ensures there are no problems on the event day. Please note, any customer who becomes difficult with giving booking details and important information that we require, then unfortunately we will refuse the booking.

We are fully Insured and how does Insurance work?
We carry £5m public liability cover, this gives you peace of mind and confidence when using First Class Leisure. Our terms and conditions clearly state we cannot be held liable for any injuries caused whilst the Inflatable is in your care. The hirer is the person responsible for the Inflatable/equipment and its use. We advise the hirer get guests/users to sign a disclaimer sheet stating the following: 'You use this equipment at your own risk' this way everyone knows the rules, if they refuse to sign, then they don't use the equipment, simple as that. Our Public Liability Insurance only covers OUR COMPANY against equipment failure.

Please read our Health & Safety page for more details and for risk assessments and advice.

Event & Party Day Cover Insurance Policies for Inflatables - Contact Leisure Insure Direct
You can now book day cover insurance policies direct thru our website and take out a day cover policy with our insurance company (Leisure Insure) Insurance tailor made for your event. Just click on the link on our Home Page. With liability cover from £11.99 per day, and fire, theft and accidental damage available as additional extras, these policies give you that extra peace of mind so you can enjoy your event more. The policy will be between the hirer (you) and our insurance company only. Yes we do charge cancellations fee's because we are not a part time run company and our business is our livelihood. We sometimes get people ring up and reserve items and at the last minute decide they don't want them, this is not acceptable. We would never let our customer down, so expect to be treated the same way.

Our Online Booking System
Every item of our equipment is now booked onto our 24/7 on line booking system diary (either direct online booking by the hirer or enterer manually by us) so once the item is booked, then it stops anyone else booking it. If you have verbally requested items to be reserved/booked by telephone then this is a binding contract and our terms and conditions apply.

Can we reserve items for you?
If you ask us to book/reserve equipment online for you then it will take us 24 hours for us to check and reserve any item (prices could also be more). Please be aware our website is a LIVE diary so if someone else books the equipment before we go online to check for you then we will confirm back item is not available, so for peace of mind we always recommend you book directly on the website yourself to ensure no one else books the equipment you want.

What are the age limits and restrictrictions on Inflatables?

We offer equipment suitable for toddlers, children, teenagers and adults.
Our Inflatable's have different age limits and height restrictions (see item product descriptions for more details). Please use your own discretion on participants using equipment and take into account height and weight of participants.

Children's Inflatables are strictly for children only up to 12 years of age.
Toddler Inflatables are strictly for small children up to 6 years of age.
Adult/Teenagers Inflatables must be hired for anyone 13+ years of age.

Age limits and restrictions are there for Important safety reasons and the hirer is responsible for any damage caused to our equipment as stated in our terms and conditions of hire.

How many people can use an Inflatable at anyone time?
When we deliver your equipment/Inflatable we will always leave you a safety Instruction sheet/operating rules/safe play Instructions with the do's and dont's and our recommended user numbers. We recommend 6-8 children at any one time on any medium sized bouncy castle and 4-6 adults/teenagers at any one time on the adult Inflatable, these are guideline only and it is the hirer's responsibility to control user numbers, depending on age, sex, weight etc and use your own common sense.

How long do we the keep the Inflatable/Equipment for?
We usually deliver equipment between 8-12am, or later times can be arranged and also other times to suit Indoor bookings. We usually start collections between 5-6pm or earlier for Indoor bookings, later times can be arranged for other events and overnight hire, with next day collections (at extra charge). Please use our online booking system to see what time slots are available and choose the best times to suit your event.

Please note
all time slots are estimates only, treated on a first come basis, with all orders confirmed within 48 hours. Online bookings will take priority over any telephone booking, if any item is booked at the very same time.

Is our equipment safe and Risk Assessments?

Yes, all our equipment is regularly checked, maintained and PAT tested, we do regular safety checks and also do visual Inspections and risk assessments at the start and finish of every hire. We have our own company risk assessments and written risk assessments are available on request, if needed. You should also do your own risk assessments for your event and also visit our Health and Safety Page

What happens if it rains?

Most of our Inflatables are fitted with built in shower covers, which are suitable for light showers. The electric blower fan is all enclosed and we use waterproof extension cables, so showers will not stop play! we find its not very often it rains constant all day, only the odd shower, but sometimes rain can be heavy and constant, this is why we recommend a backup plan/indoor venue plan.

Can we collect Inflatables/Marquees from you and set-up ourselves?
Sorry, but we do not allow any of our Inflatables/Marquees/large equipment to be collected. All Inflatables/Marquees/Large Equipment MUST be set-up by First Class Leisure staff only, we are very experienced in what we do and know how trade. Our Insurance policy also states all equipment must be set-up by our company/our staff.

Can we collect games from you, is it cheaper for us to collect?
Yes, we do allow some small games to be collected from us, by appointment time slots only, games must be collected and returned at the agree times. We do not keep equipment at our home premises and all items have to be collected from our units, so a collection and return fee will apply. Refundable cash holding deposits will also be required whilst games/equipment are on hire.

Our website allows you to check prices of equipment and availability and also book online. Prices listed on the website are available if you book online only. Our prices will be much more for long distance events, to take into account travel, distance, staff, sometimes taking a van out of our local area deliveries and all jobs will be quoted accordingly to event requirements. Telephone, email or text bookings will be charged extra to cover administration charges per booking, or you can book online to the charges.

First Class Leisure are very proud to be a part of the West Midlands Inflatable hirers club. This is an elite club for reputable, safe and insured bouncy castle hirers within the West Midlands. We are friendly competitors who share common interests which ultimately, is customer safety. We are working hard to raise the standards of the inflatable industry with the aim to squash out the unsafe practices and equipment currently available around the West Midlands.

Safety is our top priority!
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