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First Class Leisure - Terms & Conditions of hire (please read)

By submitting the booking form you will be agreeing to our terms and conditions as follows:

Once you have booked equipment on our website, the product(s) are automatically taken offline and this stops anyone else booking the product(s). If you cancel your booking then we lose out and we will be out of pocket because we could have hired the product(s) to someone else or someone else could have booked them online. This is why we charge a booking fee to cover our admin and overhead costs we pay and to avoid our loss of earnings.If you make a booking and​ then for any reason you decide you do not require the equipment or you wish to cancel the booking you must contact us immediately or within 24 hours. If you have received an email request for a booking fee and then decide you do not require the equipment then you must call us immediately to cancel, please do not wait or fail to call otherwise the cancellation fee will be charged.
If you book equipment on our booking system and fail to tell us you no longer require (wasting our time) this will result in the venue address/telephone numbers/email address being black listed on our system.

lease do not book if you are not 100% sure.

See Booking Fees - All customers will be required to pay a booking fee to secure the date/equipment, the hirer must ensure the booking fee is paid on time and within 24-48 hour period. B
ooking fees are charged to cover our admin and overhead costs we pay and to avoid our loss of earnings. For certain bookings a booking fee may not be required, however the same cancellation terms will apply to all orders and a minimum 25% will be payable to cancel or transfer any booking.

To reserve your party date, time and product(s) the hirer shall pay to First Class Leisure a 25% non-refundable booking fee deposit within 24-48 hours of making the booking. The hirer fully understands that First Class Leisure WILL NOT chase any booking fees and will only hold the equipment for the exact period stated, we do get very busy and do not have the time to chase.

Booking fees are to secure your date and equipment and the booking fee must be paid within the time specified otherwise we have the right to cancel the provisional booking entry in our diary.

If the booking fee requested is NOT paid on time, then the product(s) will go back on line and the date and times will no longer be available, you will then need to contact us or make a new booking.

Hire will only be agreed with responsible adult over the age of 18.

All delivery and collection time slots must be booking in advance and are pending time slot availability, both delivery and collection times are limited and pending availability.

Full balance of hire cost must be paid as agreed before use of our equipment and as stated at the time of booking.

Once we receive your completed booking form, we will check your booking details within 24-48 hours.

When completing our booking form and booking equipment items online this then stops anyone else from booking that same equipment, please only make a booking if you are 100% sure the venue details/event details are confirmed and as required. Please note, anyone found to have misused our booking system to cause any loss to First Class Leisure business will be charged the full costs and any additional charges, the hirer name, address, email address and contact numbers will also be black listed on our system.

Delivery and collection times are approximate only pending our time slot availability, sometimes these times may have to be changed nearer the date. It is the hirer's responsibility to ensure arrangements are in place to enable our delivery and collection, at the agreed times. The hirer must ensure both delivery/collection time slots on the booking form gives us enough time to set-up/dismantle/pack away equipment, we will not be liable for any delay working within such estimated timescales. If you require an exact delivery/collection times you must mention this at the time of booking

If you require an exact collection time you must mention this at the time of booking, next day collections are from 7.30am, if you require midday collections this will be classed has 2 day hire and extra charges will apply.

Overnight hire is not always a 24 hour hire period, collections the next day will be early am (from 7.30am) with the collection time as agreed in the booking confirmation. Please note for example if you book a delivery slot at 4pm one day and request overnight hire, this does not mean we collect back the next day at 4pm.

Late night
Skittle Alley events and for Marquee hire events our delivery and collection times are very flexible and can be arranged around your event start and finish times.

The hire charge quoted is based on easy access into the venue, parking facilities for loading and unloading and a short distance to carry equipment, unless we have been informed at the time of booking.

The hirer must advise us at the time of booking any potential difficulties, steps, restricted parking, limited vehicle access, height restrictions, excessive carrying of equipment and walking to the set-up area and any other obstacles. If the venue location is unsuitable, creates a danger for users or may cause damage to our equipment, we reserve the right to refuse delivery and the full hire charge will still be payable.

The hirer must check/measure the floor area space and height clearance is suitable for all items ordered (well before our delivery), you will still be charged if equipment does not fit or the venue is not secure.

The hirer must ensure the correct equipment items are ordered for your event. We are unable to reserve equipment pending numbers and any item not required will be classed as a cancellation and fees will apply. If you require equipment to be collected back early then no refunds are given.

Once equipment has been set-up by First Class Leisure, it must not be moved until collection.


No one with medical problems (i.e. back, neck, legs, heart, feeling unwell or taking medication etc) should use the equipment or they do so at their own risk. Anyone with back or neck problems or feeling unwell must not be allowed to use our equipment. ​

We are unable to change delivery or collection times on the event day.

Should we be delayed or unable to gain access in to the venue at the agreed times, for any reason, not our fault, we reserve the right to charge a fee after 10 minutes maximum waiting time. Sometimes we may not be able to wait due to other bookings and appointments, therefore alternative times will need to be re-arranged to fit our schedule, if this delays your event in any way the hirer will still be liable for the full hire costs. Re-delivery fee will also be payable.

Electric power access: For each bouncy castle or Inflatable hired one electric power point is required within a 25 mtr range and cables must not go across walkways. You must ensure electric is available and assist our delivery team with power access.

We must be told in advance for any equipment going Indoors, due to different weights used to secure equipment.

The hirer is responsible and liable for all repair costs connected to misuse of any of our equipment hired.

The hirer understands that shower covers fitted on our bouncy castles will only hold off light showers of rain.

We have the right to change booking details should our company policy change or if we are no longer able to offer a particular service, we will always give plenty of notice and offer the hirer an alternative, if the hirer does not agree to the change or our policy then we will offer a full refund if the hirer wishes to cancel.

The hirer/customer is responsible for the behaviour of his/her guests.

See also SAFETY PAGE for Insurance Rules, Insurance details and more information.

The hirer is responsible for any Injury/damage occurring whilst the equipment is on hire.

The hirer is responsible for the safety and well being of all persons using the equipment and must ensure that there is adequate adult supervision at all times.

Our service is provided in good faith that our equipment will only be used as intended.

No person under the influence of alcohol should use / supervise the equipment.​ ​ ​ ​

face paints, party poppers, coloured streamers, silly string, confetti, Ink, pens or sand allowed on or near the equipment, as they can make a terrible mess and permanently stain the equipment, the hirer will be liable for any stains or damage to our equipment.

All equipment hired must be returned in an acceptable condition i.e. clean, unsoiled and undamaged, equipment returned in a dirty condition or stained, the hirer agrees to pay the additional charges to cover cleaning costs, damaged sections and also any loss of earnings if the inflatable(s) is rendered out of commission for any reason.
Do NOT use ANY sticky tape on any games/accessories/parts or any equipment hired. ANY equipment returned damaged / broken / stained or marked will be charged to the hirer after the event, the full cost to replace the item plus p+p costs and any lost bookings to us

No equipment/games should moved/taken upstairs for use without our written permission or unless agreed in advance and before the event date or stated on your booking confirmation. Due to safety rules, upstairs deliveries require more staff and First Class Leisure will not collect any game(s) without the correct numbers of staff to do so, under these circumstances we will/may refuse collection and the hirer must re-arrange a new collection time slot, the hirer will then be charged a £25 non-collection fee plus delivery charged per area and any additional costs and lost bookings, sometimes we may not be able to re-arrange collection for the same day due to other bookings or commitments, extra days hire will be charged to the hirer at the daily games hire rate charge, per game / per extra day late.

Should you experience any problems with the equipment, please ensure all users get off immediately and call 07779484151 for advice.

First Class Leisure accepts no responsibility for damage to lawns, water pipes, lights/covers, all floors/flooring, gas pipes, underground pipes and any other item within the set-up area and within the property hired, whilst the equipment is on hire to you. The hirer must advise First Class Leisure of the location of any underground services on the site where the Inflatable/Bouncy Castle/Equipment is to be set up.

Extreme caution is to be taken with extension cables and the electric blower and must be regularly checked by the hirer. Children must be kept away from the rear of the inflatable(s) at all times, and must not run around the inflatable(s) due to side anchor points.

The hirer must ensure the inflatable(s) are staked down at all times, regularly checked and use discretion in high wind / bad weather.​ ​

In the event of heavy rain, it is strongly recommended Inflatables are switched off. Any wetness, including bubbling on the bed/stitching seams (which is normal must be dried off with a towel, before use. Always ensure all equipment/mats are dry before use.

At the time of booking we advise all customers to have a back-up plan for bad weather on the event day. Using equipment in wet weather is at your own risk and First Class Leisure will be be liable. If you accept equipment on the day and then decide that due to bad weather you will not require use of the equipment, you will not be entitled to a refund or any monies paid. If you have no indoor facilities and wish to cancel your booking then the cancellation fee will apply.

Always ensure all games/equipment is placed on a firm level surface and used in the correct manner.

Some games/items have age restrictions/age limits/recommended user number/ages, the hirer must check the product descriptions on each item before making a booking to ensure the correct equipment has been ordered for the age ranges you are catering for.

Throwing games/golf clubs must be used/set-up in a separate/controlled/fenced off area and well away from crowds and all participants/spectators, it is the hirers responsibility to ensure the correct shelters/frame/surrounds/back drops are used/provided for each game hirer.

Darts/sharp game equipment parts/accessories must be kept well away from children and never be left unattended or used with out strict adult supervision.

Please be aware that games hired may contain small parts and all games should only be used by children aged 3+ and some equipment parts are not suitable for smaller children. The hirer should advise all persons that children should never be left unsupervised/unattended.

All safety equipment supplied with our equipment, must be used at all times. Your safety is paramount, in order for you to get most fun and enjoyment from the equipment, please observe these safety instructions. The hirer must always ensure that all supervisors are aware of the terms & conditions, rules are there for the safety of the children/persons in your care.​

It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure equipment is set-up in a safe place for use and used correctly.

All equipment must be checked on delivery and we require a signature​, for acceptance of the equipment as being in good condition and complete, and setup in a safe place for use. The hirer on delivery agrees that all equipment/parts has been received in full and accepts equipment for the agreed hire period.

First Class Leisure will not be liable should an injury or expense occur as a result of the use of our products. Our service is provided in good faith that our products will only be used as intended.

Please ensure that all supervisors/adults are aware of the conditions of hire, they are there for the safety of all participants.

All persons using Inflatable(s)/Equipment do so at their own risk.

The person / organisation hiring the equipment will be responsible / liable for any damage or injury occurring from or as a result of misuse or reckless use.

These guidelines / terms & conditions are for safety of all people using the equipment, and it is the sole responsibility of the hirer to ensure they are adhered to.

Our company cannot accept any responsibility for any injury caused to anyone using this equipment.

Only OUR delivery driver is only authorised to collect the equipment back from your event and under no circumstances should any of the equipment be handed over to anyone other than the same delivery driver. All our vans are sign written ’First Class Leisure’ and all uniformed staff. Please be aware that there are people who do go around pretending to be from other companies in order to steal items, if you are unsure call Lisa on 07779484151 immediately and do not let any person equipment get dismantled/leave your premises. First Class Leisure delivery van/team will always arrive at the agreed collection time and will never arrive before. We will also never say we are collecting on behalf of First Class Leisure. All accessories must be stored in a safe/secure area when not in use. None of our equipment is Insured for theft or damage, any damage/loss to our equipment will be charged to the hirer.

All accessories must not be left unattended at any time, if hired overnight, small accessories must be stored Indoors, the garden/venue must be very secure with gates locked at all times and security lights. Overnight hire is at your own risk and in the event of any theft; you agree to pay First Class Leisure the full costs to replace all items missing.

Refundable holding deposits paid to First Class Leisure will
NOT be refunded back if our terms and conditions of hire have been broken whilst on hire and/or equipment has been misused/damaged/lost. If costs exceed the holding deposit then the hirer will be charged after the event the full cost to replace, the hirer agrees to pay in full within 7 days. Items on hire returned back dirty/requires cleaning/or returned not as delivered will be subject to a charge which will be deducted from the holding deposit or result in non return of deposit. If no holding deposit(s) has been paid, the hirer understands that any loss/damage/missing/broken parts to the equipment will be charged to the hirer and the hirer agrees to pay in full within 7 days.

Overnight Hire: Any refundable holding deposit paid to First Class Leisure on set-up/delivery for any overnight hire, will
not be refunded back if you have not fully inflated the Inflatable, before we arrive at the agreed collection time slot given, or if the Inflatable is dirty or needs a clean on our collection. You will lose your holding deposit if the Inflatable is un-Inflated, dirty or wet.

Warning for all Disco Dome hire: 'Strobe Lighting & Sound In Use’ First Class Leisure can not be held responsible for the way some people may be affected by strobe lighting/other lighting/sound/haze effect that may be used with Disco Dome hire, the hirer must check before booking the equipment is suitable for all users. Once equipment has been booked a cancellation charge will apply for any cancellation.

Nut/Other Allergies: We have many sweets from different manufactures, we are unable to assure you that these products that we supply will not have traces of nuts and we cannot guarantee traces of nuts will not be present in any sweet/fun foods. Please bare this in mind if you suffer from forms of any allergies, or contact us by email if you would like us to check anything before making a booking with us.

Marquee Hire set-up on Half Patio/Half Grass floor surface area: Due to unpredictable recent weather changes/high winds etc we now ask all customers to do the following: To secure the marquee better we advise all customers now to put 2 small hooks into the brick work of your building then we can secure the marquee better (anchor points), these would be best around 2m up (both sides) but doesn’t have to be exact, alternatively the hirer needs to provide extra weights, sand bags etc for any anchor points only where we are unable to anchor into the ground. Please contact us if you have any queries.

Toddler/Soft Play Equipment for outdoor use: Due to hygiene reasons we do not hire toddler equipment for outdoor use unless the hirer can provide under cover facilities, like a Marquee or Gazebo shelter with sides and floor covering. Play Balls must not be thrown outside in garden areas/other areas and all children must be well supervised at all times. The best way to hire and use the toddler equipment is to hire an indoor venue, like a church hall, community centre, function room, sports hall or you may have a large indoor room or conservatory at your home, you just need clear space and no obstacles/furniture around.

Overnight Hire Refundable Deposit (Per Item): £20.00 cash refundable deposit will be payable for EACH Inflatable hired overnight/other equipment. The hirer MUST Inflate the Inflatable(s) at least 30 minutes before we arrive on the agreed collection time and ensure the Inflatable(s) are clean, and in the same condition as delivered, you will lose your overnight deposit if these requests are not done.

Play​ Balls Holding Deposit: £20 Cash refundable deposit will be required on delivery for ball pool hire. All Play balls must be re-bagged by the hirer, ready for our collection at the agreed time and then money will be refunded back.

First Class Leisure reserve the right to cancel any booking at any time and collect equipment back early if our terms and conditions are not being followed, under these circumstances no refund will be given.

Please note we do not hold equipment and dates whilst you are awaiting and confirming guest numbers at your event.

Beware of companies not asking for a booking fee upfront, ask yourself will they turn up on the day or are they a professional run fully tax declared company, your booking fee offers security and peace of mind.

We treat all our customers fair and do expect customers to respect our booking system and our terms and conditions agreed. We never let customers down and always communicate from start to finish.

Please note, cancelling a booking with us because you have found a cheaper price is not an acceptable cancellation reason, we don’t offer ‘cheap' or need to match cheap prices because most of these cheaper companies operate part time, may not be declaring income, may have no Insurance and cut corners on safety.

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