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Skittle Bowling Alley (B)

Price: From £100
Available Overnight for an extra £25

Hire a portable skittle alley for your next event. A traditional skittles day or night event is great fun for all ages, children, teenagers and adults, and all abilities, so everyone can enjoy great bowling fun and unlimited bowling!You can choose the length required on delivery, 27ft or 31ft.

When you book a skittle alley from First Class Leisure, we will deliver, set-up and collect back from your venue. Delivery/set-up takes around 15 minutes and collection takes around 10-15 minutes. Bowling Alleys can be set-up in all different venues locations and are used for Indoor and outdoor events all year round.

Why choose First Class Leisure Skittle Alleys: We manufacture our skittle alleys All our skittle alleys have wide boards so are just perfect for playing skittles, some skittle alleys have very narrow boards, this makes the game far too easy. We use rubber ‘ silent runner’ bowling balls with all our skittle alleys, these balls are very easy to grip and gives less noise when balls are bowled down the skittle lane.

If you require 2 or 3 Skittle Alleys, see our ‘Discounts Page' to get the 'discount code’ to use at checkout (can only be used on adult skittle alleys).

We have lots of portable/mobile skittle alleys available for hire:

18ft for children only up to 10 years of age
24ft - 27ft for children of all ages
27ft - 31ft - 34ft for all ages, families, social events
31ft - 34ft league standard, perfect for more competitive games

31ft - 34ft Long are league standard and perfect for the more competitive game. We also offer a 34ft long skittle alley size, to order this size you will need to book the 31ft long skittle alley, then on the booking form details write in the ‘any notes section’ you require the 34ft skittle alley size, an additional £20 charge will be manually added to your booking.

Important for outdoor hire:
The hirer must provide undercover facilities, Gazebo or Marquee roof or other shelter etc for outdoor use and for any overnight outdoor hire. We do not allow any cancellations for our skittle alleys for any outdoor event.

How much space do we need? For each skittle alley you need to allow approx 9ft width, plus an extra 5ft onto the above lengths, or if you are unsure, just tell us your area space available and we can tell you what size skittle alley will fit best.

How many people for one skittle alley? We recommend a maximum of 40 people per skittle alley, otherwise people may get bored waiting their turn (30 people is ideal) we recommend you hire an additional skittle alley if people numbers exceed 40 (2nd alley discount is available, on adults skittle alleys only).

Hire Additional Games: Why not hire an additional Side Game(s) for people to play whilst waiting their bowling go, this will also help to generate extra funds.

Free of charge side stall game(s) are available for charity and fund raising events (minimum spend applies) - Contact us for more details

Disabled ball ramps and children's ball ramps: We offer disabled ball ramps and children’s ball ramps to help participants when playing skittles. These ramps are available with our Skittle Alleys and need to be booked in advance. Contact us for more details

Equipment Size:4ft31ft
Suitable For Children
Suitable For Adults

Suitable For

Indoors on Artificial Grass
Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Grass & Dirt
Outdoors on Hard Surface

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